Aaron Gillion's Portfolio

Who I am:

I am a freelance...

  • software/app developer for Windows and Android,
  • desktop+mobile website designer
  • SEO specialist,
  • small business systems administrator,
  • custom system architect,
  • Android & Windows modding/tweaking enthusiast,
  • kiosk-mode client/workphone specialist,
  • and automation/batch processing engineer.

What I do:

I normally work on a project-oriented basis, and I enjoy doing special-case assignments. Windows is my base system that I work on, Android is my preferred mobile OS. I have a spark interest in learning Linux, thanks to Android. My one downfall is coding in Apple's environment; their atmosphere is very locked down and limited. They have made improvements in recent years but not enough for me to dive in. When dealing with iOS and OSX I use web 2.0 applications, as they are cross-platform and provide the same functionality.

Between (or during) projects, I like to donate my time helping/sharing with others on Stack Overflow or XDA Developers. Every experienced developer learns new things every day, contrary to popular belief. While working on projects, I'll always make a huge breakthrough and want to share it online. Usually there is an existing, unanswered question already out there, so that's where I feel obligated to help out.

The languages I use most are, in order:

  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Windows Batch, VBScript, HTA
  • PHP, MySQL
  • Java/Android SDK
  • Visual Basic .NET
  • Spanish

I am W3Schools Certified(Click on image to view certificate!)

Where you can find me:

You can find me on popular programming forums, Play Store, and various Stack Exchange Q/A sites. You can visit my profiles below:

XDA Member: aarongillion63

Aaron Gillion - Stack Overflow

Aaron Gillion - Linkedin

Dev. Aaron Gillion - Play Store

AMOLED Android Apps - Twitter

Other places I've been mentioned:

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